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Q & A with Westholme Tea Company

Where is your business located?

Westholme Tea Company is located in the Cowichan Valley along Richard’s Trail, named after the community of Westholme where the property is nestled among sloping fields and wetlands.

What are the products that you create/grow?

At Westholme Tea we import high quality, single-origin organic loose-leaf teas, as well as certified organic herbs and spices from all over the world. We offer pure tea, and we create one-of-a-kind artisanal tea and tisane recipes which are hand blended on our land. With 150+ teas and tisanes to choose from you are sure to find something suited for casual sipping, daily drinking, or ceremony and ritual.

How long have you been in business?

Westholme Tea has been serving the tea community and growing tea culture near and wide for over a decade.

What was your inspiration for starting your business?

Our inspiration at Westholme is to create authentic and memorable moments, through tea. Our experience is that tea represents connection to people and place, and carries a unique power to heal, transform and soothe by creating more space in our lives for these connections.

Why is supporting local important to you?

For Westholme, supporting local is about reciprocity. The passion and devotion for one’s craft, that is typical of local businesses, is able to support the community just as much as the community is able to support them. One of the most fulfilling parts of our work is growing long-lasting and meaningful relationships close to home.

What makes your product unique?

Westholme Tea Company aims to preserve intricate tea traditions which have been well established over thousands of years all around the world, while also experimenting with countless tastes, smells, and varieties of teas, herbs and spices to create enriching experiences. Westholme is rooted in the belief that drinking tea is an invitation to connect with nature and thus our products are true to their natural state - no synthetics, additives or flavourings are introduced to our teas or tisanes at any point in the journey from field to you.


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