About us

Healthyway Natural Foods is a locally owned independent family business that has been operating since 1993. 

Over the years we continued to grow and evolve our business as the community demand increased. In 2016 we purchased our own property and developed a building for Healthyway in downtown Campbell River. We are proud of the attention to detail that our department managers have taken to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in the store.  We hope you enjoy your experience.

Our Vision

Healthyway endeavors to provide wholesome quality food with good prices for the residents in our community & neighbouring areas. We choose organic when there is an option and avoid known non-organic GMO products to the best of our ability. It is our practice to support local food producers and farmers. Our employees are motivated and genuinely focused on health and wellness issues. We are happiest when we can plant the seeds of good health in our customers and community. We want to be more than just a grocery store, but a positive shopping experience with friendly meaningful exchanges for both customers & employees.

The following core values help direct our business decisions.

Wellness of the individual

We believe in providing healthy choices for people. Organic & natural are a focus. We try our best to balance providing people with products that they want to have access to, while upholding standards of what foods should be found in a health food store. We strive to not stock any stock products with artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, or hydrogenated oils.

Wellness of the community

Healthyway is a part of the community. We are a family run, locally owned business. The culture, economy and health of our community are of interest to us. We have ties to several non-profit organizations in the community such as Greenways Land Trust, John Howard Society KidStart program, & Bike to Work Week.  We have been co-hosting events and promoting fundraisers for many years such as Earth Day & Giving Tuesday.  We are approachable to other small fundraising endeavours within our community.

Wellness of the planet

We are all connected in that we share the environmental issues of our earth. The organic movement is deeply rooted in a concern for the health of the planet. The use of herbicides and pesticides is a major polluter of watersheds and soil. Choosing organic, or better yet, choosing “local” organic reduces our impact on this earth. At Healthyway we also practice the small things that make a difference. We compost our produce waste, we recycle whatever we can, and we choose to not provide plastic shopping bags in our store.