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Harmonic Arts

Inspired by the natural beauty and abundance of our homeland on Vancouver Island, my partner Yarrow and I wanted to share the vibrancy of plant medicine with the greater community.   Our mantra was “bring the plants and the people will come!”, and come they did. The business took on a life of its own,…

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Hornby Organic

At Hornby Organic our mission is to make affordable and delicious organic foods without our planet or customers paying the price. Founders, Irah and Cayleigh started back in 2013 in a detached converted garage on Irah’s parents property on Hornby Island and haven’t looked back since.

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Pattison Farms

Learn more about Pattison Farms. Located in Black Creek, Pattison Farms is one of Healthyway’s significant local & organic produce suppliers.

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Q & A with Veeva Where is your business located? Veeva is Canadian through and through. We have manufacturing, distribution and home offices clear across Canada. But home is Vancouver Island, in Union Bay. We are located on the second floor in a beautiful heritage building (above the historical post office) with incredible views on…

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Cure Soaps

Healthyway Natural Foods is proud to promote local producers. Read our Q & A with Cure Soaps

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Blossoms Raw Chocolate

Healthyway Natural Foods is proud to promote local producers. Read our Q & A with Blossom Raw Chocolate

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Q & A with Purica Where is your business located? PURICA is a natural supplement company that formulates and manufactures their products a couple hours south of Campbell River in Duncan, BC. What are the products that you create/grow? PURICA is proud to say they have been working with Healthyway Natural Foods for over 15…

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Gathering Place Trading

The Harvey family on a product sourcing trip visiting farms in South Africa Q & A with Gathering Place Trading Where is your business located? Gathering Place Trading (GPT) was founded on Cortes Island in 2003, and is now located in Campbell River on beautiful Vancouver Island. What are the products that you create/grow? We…

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Tree Island Yogurt

Healthyway Natural Foods is proud to promote local producers. Read our Q & A with Tree Island Yogurt

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Westholme Tea Company

Q & A with Westholme Tea Company Where is your business located? Westholme Tea Company is located in the Cowichan Valley along Richard’s Trail, named after the community of Westholme where the property is nestled among sloping fields and wetlands. What are the products that you create/grow? At Westholme Tea we import high quality, single-origin…

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Gut Health: Understanding Its Importance and How to Improve It The gut is a complex system of organs that is responsible for breaking down and absorbing the nutrients from the food we eat. The gut is also home to trillions of microorganisms, including bacteria, yeast, and viruses, collectively known as the gut microbiome. A healthy…

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