Q & A with Veeva

Where is your business located?

Veeva is Canadian through and through. We have manufacturing, distribution and home offices clear across Canada. But home is Vancouver Island, in Union Bay. We are located on the second floor in a beautiful heritage building (above the historical post office) with incredible views on the water. What a great place to work for a mental health company!

What are the products that you create/grow?

We are a research & development company in mental health supplements. We work with a team of natural health care practitioners over several years, to create products for stress, anxiety, sleep and mental health as a whole. We feel this is extremely important. Mental health is all we do. Our products are actually license for stress, anxiety, sleep and more, and we are also a manufacturer/distributor, using the strictest of manufacturing standards.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been formulating, licensing and making products for 20 years now, and our President has been at it for 35 years. You could say we know a thing or two about mental health supplements.

What was your inspiration for starting your business?

Our business started with a personal mission. Our President had a lot of family and friends falling ill due to stress. He decided to dedicate the rest of his natural products career to helping people with stress. But after devastating family disasters, the mission changed to include mental health as a whole.

Why is supporting local important to you?

Inspired from our President’s mission, supporting local to us, is a matter of intention. We’ve been located in larger cities before, but the energy isn’t the same. We prefer smaller centres where people interact, share and support each other. The intention is to help people, and what better place to start than your neighbours?

What makes your product unique?

Our products are very unique in that they are formulated by health care practitioners over many years. We take mental health very seriously. It would be easy to use herbs and nutrients that are “hot” and make product very quickly. Instead, we work with real health care practitioners with real-life experience. An example: Our Stress Formula took us 9 years with 8 health care practitioners. Our Anxiety Formula is the ONLY product of its kind, and took us 4.5 years with the same team. Our Teen Formula took us 7 years and is now available for is teens who are struggling out there. It’s a slo process, but it results in products that really work.


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