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Q & A with Tree Island Yogurt

Where is your business located?

Courtenay, BC

What are the products that you create/grow?

Gourmet, Artisan Yogurt with Milk from Grass-Fed cows

How long have you been in business?

Since 2012

What was your inspiration for starting your business?

As a microbiologist and whole food enthusiast, we started Tree Island in 2012 after returning from France where we tasted artisan yogurt made with fresh, whole milk. Nothing comparable existed in BC, so we set-out to create it ourselves.

Why is supporting local important to you?

Our mission is to nourish our community by strengthening the local food system and promoting land stewardship.

We are committed to building a sustainable future for our children and generations to come. We support local, grass-fed dairy farms with pastures that promote healthy ecosystems and we are using 50% less plastic in our new packaging.

What makes your product unique?

We make grass-fed, artisan yogurt at our production plant in the Comox Valley. We use 100% fresh whole BC milk, carefully select the best ingredients and handcraft our yogurt in small batches using a traditional, slow-kettle cooking method. Carefully selecting the local farms we work with, who use no antibiotics or growth hormones. No pesticides or herbicides.


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