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PURICA is the coming together of ‘Pure’ and ‘Care’. From its inception, our name was meant to reflect the natural purity and quality of our products and the comprehensive care we put into our formulations.  Since its humble beginning in 1999 PURICA has focused on results based products.  This Vancouver Island based company continues to grow thanks to the support of fantastic retail stores and their loyal customer base.  From their flagship product Recovery to their line of therapeutic medicinal mushrooms to their pure Magnesium Bisglycinate, PURICA has a comprehensive line of products all designed to support your body and reduce stress.

Power Vegan Protein

PURICA Power Vegan Protein is just that - powerful!  A great protein starts with high quality ingredients.  Fermented Pea Protein Isolate is the primary protein used, and for good reason - it contains the highest levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids (the little protein molecules responsible for building muscle!) found in vegan protein powders.  Combining that with a Sprouted Brown Rice Protein creates a very complete amino acid / protein profile.  Next they added 800mg of certified organic, high potency, micronized Chaga mushroom in order to provide immune support and a nice dose of antioxidants.  The final part of this simple and powerful formula is a digestive enzyme blend which will help reduce or eliminate any gas or bloating that some people can experience with protein powders. At 21 servings per bag, and 20-23g of protein per serving (depending on flavour) it is a great cost per serving.   It comes in 3 flavour options - Natural, Chocolate and Vanilla, and it is also Certified Gluten Free.  Mix with your favourite milk or milk alternative product or add to a smoothie and enjoy!


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