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CanPrev was born out of a desire to make natural medicine safe, effective, and accessible to everyone. Our vision is centered around understanding root causes, so you can find lasting solutions that allow you to live life to the fullest.

Why do my supplements need a boost?

Traditional supplement forms, like capsules and tablets, go through a lot within the harsh environment of the digestive tract. In order for us to benefit from them, the nutrients need to be able to pass through the intestinal lining to reach our cells. Factors like digestive issues, low stomach acid, bacterial enzymes, and liver metabolism can get in the way of this. And, if the supplement degrades too much during digestion, our body can’t absorb enough of the nutrient to benefit from it. So, we thought it was time to try something new.

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What makes CanPrev Liposomals unique?

Smaller, more effective doses

While traditional liposomal supplements only have a single lipid bilayer, CanPrev Liposomals have multiple layers of liposomes (like the layers of an onion). As each layer is peeled away, nutrient payloads are released over a longer period of time. This gives our product a sustained release effect, so your dose lasts the whole day.

Increased efficacy and results

Since our liposomes have an extra layer of protection, they are less likely to degrade or get lost in the digestive tract and are able to get to the specific cells before releasing their contents. They’re made up of the same stuff as cell membranes, which means they are more easily recognized and used by cells. As a result, a higher percentage of the supplement can be used by the body.

Great for those with digestive issues

Many capsules or tablets need to be broken down by digestive enzymes, which can be compromised by certain digestive conditions or high stress levels. Liposomes remain whole until they reach the small intestines, where they are absorbed directly through intestinal walls. We package our active ingredients in pre-digested micelles, making it easily absorbed, especially for those with digestive issues.

Therapeutic effects

With liposomal supplements, it’s easier to reach a therapeutic dose of a nutrient than with other supplement forms. For instance, 1000mg of vitamin C in liposomal form will result in a greater uptake than a 1000mg vitamin C tablet. This is because a greater percentage of the liposomal vitamin C is absorbed by the body, and its effects last longer.

Convenient consumption

Some vitamins, such as fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, are best absorbed with food. Other nutrients, such as iron, should be taken on an empty stomach as it competes with other minerals for absorption. With all these rules, your supplement routine can quickly become a hassle. Liposomes offer a solution – they are absorbable enough on their own, and can be taken with or without food.


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