St Francis Deep Immune®

Strengthens the immune system, helping to prevent viral infections, colds & flu

A unique formula comprised of 8 powerful adaptogens acts as a shield to help prevent viruses from taking hold

Canada’s #1 immune tonic, award-winning

St Francis Deep Immune® Original

Indicated For:

  • Under-active immune system… tendency to frequent colds, flu, infections, and immunerelated illnesses or anyone who wants to ensure their immune system is at its strongest
  • Over-active immune system… excess inflammation e.g. allergies or eczema
St Francis Deep Immune® Original
St Francis Deep Immune® Original
St Francis Deep Immune® Original

How It Works:

A balanced immune system is your strongest immune system. Deep Immune® supports and fortifies the immune system by restoring the body’s innate balance through the synergistic action of eight powerful adaptogenic herbs that have a long ped igree in the TCM tradition. Ultimately it provides a shield to help prevent viruses from taking hold and causing infection.

Ingredient Action
Astragalus An adaptogenic immune system modulator
Codonopsis Increases the number and action of phagocytes, i.e. white blood cells
Siberian Ginseng Enhances immune function, especially natural killer and T-helper cells
Reishi Mushroom Therapeutically active constituents that act to fortify the immune system
Ligustrum Corrects low white blood cell counts
Schisandra Strong antioxidant and liver protective qualities
White Atractylodes Improves the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, immune enhancing properties
Licorice Amplifies the other herbs

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