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Who is Rosie?


Rosie is the visionary, founder and curator of Red Fox Botanicals, a company whose
mission it is to bring you exceptional quality, organic skincare, with a conscious and
sustainable approach. Rosie has been dedicated to creating effective, nature inspired,
organic skincare that is lovingly handmade with ethically sourced and fairly traded
ingredients since 2016.
After spending years trying to ‘fix’ her persistent teenage acne through antibiotics,
chemical peels and Retin A face creams, Rosie turned to alternative approaches to go
deeper and get to the root of her skin issues. Learning about essential oils on her
travels through Europe, completing her final nursing practicum in West Africa, travelling
to India to further study Ayurveda and studying plant medicines in the Peruvian
Rainforest, all taught Rosie that Radiant Beauty is an inside job and that one must
attend to all aspects; physical, mental and spiritual, to truly heal.
Red Fox Botanical products are lovingly handmade with ethically sourced and fairly
traded ingredients designed to honour the ancient wisdom of plant medicine, the land,
and the farmers who dedicate their lives to make these products available.

Rosie lives in Black Creek, BC in her dream log home with her partner, their two beautiful
children and two beloved dogs’.

You can learn more about Rosie and Red Fox Botanicals at


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