Blossoms Raw Chocolate

blossoms raw chocolate

Blossoms Raw Chocolate has been growing steadily over the years to provide unique nourishing flavours for chocolate lovers.

Blossom Raw Chocolate

About Blossoms Raw Chocolate

We work with direct trade cacao farmers to ensure healthy relationships with the communities and their rainforests.

In addition,  2% of all sales goes towards reforestation and wildlife rehabilitation.

The cacao beans are unroasted left to dry and ferment in the sun to maintain nourishing enzymes and live probiotics.

The cacao is then enhanced with Ayurvedic herbs and flavours as well as superfoods from around the world, all sourced from organic certified ingredients. We use low glycemic coconut nectar as our main sweetener.

Located on Cortes Island, each bar is handcrafted and made to order so it arrives fresh at the store. Blossoms started organically with my own desire to eat raw plant based nourishing foods. I sold my creations at markets and found Raw Cacao had unlimited possibilities as fun healthy food. As we awaken to good foods and healthy lifestyles, I hope my chocolates can bring a little joy to your day. 🙂

Love Tanya


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