Perfect Probiotic™


The World’s First TRU-ID® Certified Probiotics

What can you expect from the NEW Perfect Probiotic™ family from Progressive?

A variety of multi-strain formulas, built-in prebiotics, delayed-release capsules to ensure healthy bacteria arrive alive in your gut, human strains to better match your own gut flora and of course, TRU-ID® certification for added transparency and trust.

Progressive Perfect Probiotics


Wide Range: A variety of strengths and formulas to suit a variety of intestinal health needs.

Intestinal Health: Helps to support intestinal and gastrointestinal health and improves the quality of life associated with IBS symptoms.*

Perfect Prebiotic™: Formulated with the improved Perfect Prebiotic™ blend including Acacia Gum, Gold Kiwifruit & Green Banana Flour to feed the good bacteria.**

Human & Non-human Strains: Provides a better combination to promote a favourable gut flora and overall health benefits.

Delivery system: Non-enteric delayed release capsule to ensure the healthy bacteria arrive alive in your intestinal tract.

All species – Guaranteed: TRU-ID® Certified for added transparency and trust.

Simple dosing: 1 per day formulas to make gut health easy.

Fridge & Shelf Stable: Potency guaranteed to expiry whether you store them on the shelf or in the fridge.***

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Non-GMO.

*All skus except Adult 50+, Kids 15B, Women’s Formula
**All skus except Kids 5B and Adult 50+; Kids Powder Perfect PrebioticTM only includes Green Banana Flour & Acacia gum
***Kids 15B and 120B must be refrigerated to guarantee potency


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