Covid-19 Protocols

Latest Revision November 2020.
There have been a few revisions to originally posted Covid-19 store policies.

What has changed?

Customers and employees are now required to wear a mask as per the BC public health order.  Children under 12 are not required to wear a mask. We respect the rights of individuals with legitimate exemptions, as per the BC health order to access the store without a mask.

We now accept returns (with proper proof of purchase). We sanitize products & let sit for 2 full days before returning to the shelf if they are unopened.

We have opened up the bathroom for customer use only. It now requires a key to get in that can be obtained from the customer service desk.

We are accepting Avalon glass bottles back. No more than 6 at a time. They are also sanitized upon return.

Cloth bags are now permitted, but are not allowed to be placed on counter tops at tills. Cashiers cannot bag items into your personal cloth bags.

The cafe has resumed beverage service, Monday-Friday 9-3:30.

What is still the same?

We are still required to maintain 6 ft between shoppers.

The number of customers in the store is still limited to 10 to maintain proper distancing.

Carts & baskets are still being sanitized after each use.

We still have a crowd control team member positioned at the door for our peak hours of the day.

High touch areas are still sanitized at least twice daily.

We still offer curb-side pick-up 7 days a week.

We still have hand sanitizer available for customers upon entry.

Pin pads are still sanitized between customer touches.

Cashiers still have floor markings around their tills to help them maintain a safe 6 ft between customers

There are still floor markings in store to help customers distance in the check-out line.