Progressive Perfect Probiotic

Research shows the use of probiotics for digestive conditions is well supported.

Probiotics help balance the gut microflora by several mechanisms such as competitive exclusion and releasing molecules that can crowd out bad bacteria. Probiotics contribute to a healthy digestive system that can optimally absorb and synthesize nutrients. Supporting our bodies at the root (the gut) ensures that we are getting all the benefits from the nourishing foods we choose to eat

Progressive Perfect Probiotic on sale

Why are our probiotics perfect?

  • They are a combination of PRE + PRO biotics contributing to a healthy + nourished microbiome (Note: our adult 50+ formula does not contain prebiotics)
    • The metabolism of prebiotics by probiotics creates Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs have been identified as the link between diet, gut microbiota, and energy metabolism)
  • Multiple probiotic strains– to support your entire digestive system
  • Delivery system– non-enteric delayed vegetable capsules to ensure the healthy bacteria arrive alive in your intestinal tract
  • Testing to strain level to ensure each probiotic species is accounted for in the bottle

Our Perfect Probiotic formulas provide a full spectrum of support from daily maintenance, specific intestinal support to women’s health and children’s support. ALL perfect probiotics are gluten free and vegan.

Progressive Perfect Probiotic on sale

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