Prairienaturals® Bile Force, Digest Force & Enzyme Force


The Bile Force formula contains natural fat-digesting enzymes and purified ox bile powder, specially designed to help fat digestion, re lieve constipation and provide bile salts for bloating, gas and digestive stress. Bile salts naturally act as an emulsifier for all types of fat. Emulsified fats are then more easily broken down by lipase enzymes, and properly absorbed. Bile salts and lipase enzymes facilitate the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and phytonutrients, as well as omega fatty acids.

  • Purified Bile Salts (>45% Cholic acids)
  • Two Types of Lipase Enzymes
    • Fungal-derived Lipase enzyme -tested mold-free
    • Pancreatin sourced Lipase
  • Pancreatin Extract 8x with double strength Lipase
  • Slippery Elm root as a demulcent (soothes}
  • Non-GMO
  • Yeast and gluten-free
  • Clean bovine-source materials, from US sources only
PN - Bile force - 60 Caps - 225cc
Prairienaturals® Bile Force, Digest Force & Enzyme Force


Activates Healthy Digestion! Indigestion is a pain. More people suffer from chronic indigestion than from any other condition. Get quick relief and activate good digestion with Digest-Force1M Activated Coconut Charcoal & Ginger Root Extract. This therapeutic formula provides rapid relief from indigestion safely and effectively. Neutralizes and eliminates toxins and allergens; reduces indigestion, gas, bloating and nausea.

  • Activated coconut charcoal & ginger extract
  • Rapidly alleviates nausea, bloating, gas
  • Soothes reactions to allergenic foods
  • Improves digestion & detoxification
  • Neutralizes excessive stomach acid
  • Remedies overeating discomfort
  • Reduces intestinal inflammation
  • Relieves ulcers & acid reflux
  • Subdues intestinal d!istress
  •  Combats food poisoning
  • Safe, fast & effective
  • Relieves diarrhea
PN - Digest Force - 120 V-Caps - 300cc - R (1)
Digest Force

ENZYME-FORCE with FibraZyme

Full Spectrum Vegetarian Enzyme Blend in V-Caps! Prairie Naturals Enzyme-Force with FibraZ yme is a comprehensive digestive enzyme blend that provides a full spectrum of enzymes for the optimal digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. Enzyme-Force with FibraZyme is non -GMO and is encapsulated in V -Caps. Suitable for vegans. Sizes: 60 & 120 & BONUS SIZE (120 + 30 FREE)

  • Better digestion starts here
  • Full -spectrum vegetarian enzyme blend
  • Optimal digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fats & fibre
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian capsules
PN - Enzyme Force - 120 V-Caps - 300cc
Digest Force

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