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“…in the spring we sow the seeds which prepare the full harvest of ourselves.”


Eat Right for Spring…

  • Eat less and try fasting to cleanse the body of the fats and heavy foods of winter.
  • Bitter foods are excellent for cleansing the blood – rye, romaine, asparagus, amaranth, quinoa, alfalfa, chamomile.
  • Eat plenty of young, fresh greens – dark green lettuce, spinach, kale…
  • Limit intake of salt/sodium rich foods.
  • Sweet and pungent flavored foods are recommended – use a little concentrated sweetener (honey, stevia, maple syrup) and fresh herbs (basil, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, bay leaf).
  • Raw and sprouted foods can be emphasized.
  • It is best to cook for a shorter time but at higher temperatures so food is not thoroughly cooked.

Spring Cleaning…

There are a number of ways to do some spring cleaning on the inside. One may cleanse by eating nothing (consuming only liquids), eating a single food, or by eliminating one or more foods from the diet.  There are many detox kits that contain supporting herbs and helpful diet outlines – a common one is Wild Rose Detox Kit.  Juicing is excellent as it supplies the body with all the necessary nutrients while giving the digestive system a much needed break.

Sprouting Your Seeds

Soak:   put seeds  (2 TBS) in a jar, fill ½ with filtered water and cover with a screen (or paper towel), secure with an elastic band. Soak over night.

Drain: drain the soak water using strainer lid. Refill, rinse and drain again.

Rinse: sprouts should be rinsed at least twice a day using cool water.

READY TO EAT:  Repeat the rinse and drain cycle for 4-6 days, on the last day set in sunshine so leaves turn green. DO NOT rinse again. Refrigerate and eat within a week.

By: Challah Ewing

May 8, 2012