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GMO Awareness 2011 We recently had a spokesperson from CBAN (Canadian Biotechnology Action Network) in our community talking about food security and genetically engineered foods.  Although GE foods have been in the market place for a number of years, due to a lack of any mandatory labelling on the part of government, the onus is on the consumer & retailer to determine what foods they believe are GE free.  As a business we are expanding our purchasing policy to consider GE foods more carefully. So, what are we doing as a store to oppose GE foods?

  • We have recently become a member of the Non-GMO Project.  A great resource for consumer, retailers, & vendors that is offering a voluntary non-gmo verification status for participating companies.
  • We currently have two petitions at our store opposing different issues concerning Genetically Engineered foods & animals.  Become involved & support these causes with you signature. The petitions will be at the store until the end of October.
  • We will not stock new products that contain high risk GE foods without an organic certification, non-gmo project verification, or verification from the vendors about their sources.
  • We have started a resource for our customers that contains information pertaining to GE foods on some of the companies we have researched.

Check out the great links on our home page for CBAN and the Non-GMO Project for great consumer resources!

October 19, 2011