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Spring is upon us and we naturally get the urge to air things out, lighten up, de-clutter, and clean things up. Spring is a great time to not only give your house and yard an overhaul, but also your body, your health, and your spirit.

Many people start the process with a structured cleanse kit like the WildRose Herbal Detox (one of our favourites). This cleanse includes liver and kidney clearing herbs, and bowel support. But most importantly, it includes a balanced whole food plan to follow. This is of the utmost importance. The food you put in your body is the key to successful cleansing. Herbs are wonderful tools to aid in detoxification, but food is the key. What we challenge you to do this spring is to sustain some of the changes you make while cleansing. Why not carry out this new way of eating indefinitely? You always feel refreshed, lighter, and full of energy after a cleanse, who wouldn’t want to feel like that every day!

So what does this mean? It means choosing whole grains instead of flour products. It means choosing to avoid foods with added sugar. It’s filling your plate up with fresh vegetables. It’s minimizing or eliminating dairy products. It’s making grass-fed, free range meats a priority. It means eating clean whole foods and avoiding packaged processed foods.

Come into Healthyway and talk to one of our nutritionists and learn how you can make these shifts to your lifestyle permanently for a healthier, happier, springy-er you!

Written by: Krista Boulding, RHN & Sandy Davies, RHN

June 3, 2014