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Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is in the top three causes of death every year for Canadians. Every 7 minutes someone dies from a CVD related disease (Stats Canada 2011). These are pretty scary statistics.

Cardiovascular Disease is largely caused by inactivity, transfats, refined carbohydrates, overeating, and too much sugar. CVD is NOT caused by over consumption of saturated fats! Not all saturated fats are created equally; in fact, saturated fats can be very protective for our body. For example butter has a saturated fat called butyric acid that is healing for the gut and is also beneficial for the immune system. Coconut oil has medium chain triglycerides that have been used therapeutically to treat Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Furthermore, there is no data showing conclusively that saturated fats cause an increased risk for CVD or an increase in cholesterol levels. This misinformation was brought about in the 1950’s under the “lipid hypothesis” and has since been refuted, yet seems to prevail despite its inaccuracy.

People have been led to believe that the healthy choice is to replace their saturated fats with oils such as canola, grapeseed, sunflower, or safflower (aka margarine). Not true! Not all polyunsaturated fats are created equal. Healthier choices would include flax or hemp oil. But even these oils are highly unstable and oxidize very quickly. In fact, many of the above oils can oxidize and go rancid right inside your body, and most of these oils are already rancid even before you buy them! Make sure to buy cold pressed flax or hemp and only buy in small quantities. This oxidizing effect causes free radical damage to our cells, and that’s bad news for the arteries. This damage creates inflammation, and inflammation is one of the root causes of heart disease.

So…what does that leave? Confusion, that’s what!

Come in and talk to our educated staff team and we can help clarify things for you!

By: Krista Boulding, RHN & Sandy Davies, RHN

February 24, 2014