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Allergy season is approaching! Now is the time to gear up the immune system for the onslaught of pollens and grasses that invade our bodies, causing all those unpleasant side effects. There are many things you can do now, to help prevent or reduce symptoms, rather than waiting and treating the symptoms acutely.

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found in a variety of plants. It is a wonderful anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory compound. Taken in advance, Quercetin is known to greatly reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

Moducare is a patented supplement made of a blend of sterols and sterolins. It is well known for its immune modulating effects. This means it helps to regulate the immune system, whether it is over or under active. In this way, Moducare can help the body deal with immune triggers such as pollens, weeds, and grasses.

Stinging Nettle is a nutrient dense herb that is very effective at relieving and preventing allergy symptoms such as itchy watery eyes, sneezing, and runny noses. It is anti-inflammatory and a natural anti-histamine. Enjoy it as a tea, a pre-made juice, a tincture, or in capsule form. If you’re brave enough to pick it, try blending it with fresh apples for a delicious allergy fighting green drink!

Pollen Plus by Homeocan is simply homeopathic ragweed. We all know that homeopathy works on the principle that like treats like. So, by that rule, taking allergy producing ragweed in a homeopathic form will eliminate the exact symptoms that ragweed would cause. The key is to start now, take one vial a week for 6 weeks and desensitize the body to seasonal triggers.

Fresh Bee Pollen, specifically which is local, works in a similar way as homeopathic medicine. By feeding the body tiny doses of pollen, you can help minimize your reaction to seasonal pollens. Be very careful though, bee pollen can produce a strong allergic reaction in certain individuals. It’s always wise to test a small amount on your tongue and wait a few hours to see how your body reacts. If the coast is clear, feel free to use it in smoothies, or on cereal, as a natural whole food approach to managing allergies.

Most importantly, don’t forget about your diet! Focus on whole foods that are anti-inflammatory such as fish, colorful fruits and vegetables, and certain nuts and seeds. Reduce sulfite and histamine containing foods such as wine, beer, grapes, cheese, cured meats, and yeasted breads (yeah, I know, all the fun stuff!)

Come in and have a look at our line of natural supplements and whole foods that will surely get you through what should be a beautiful and enjoyable time of year!

Written By: Krista Boulding, RHN

June 3, 2014