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Super food smoothie smile!

Raw and superfoods are the ultimate fast food.  While traditional “fast” food leaves us feeling anything but fast, raw and superfoods really help us to pick up the pace and enable us to keep that pace.

What I enjoy the most about raw living foods and superfoods (high nutrient density) is how I feel as well and how wonderful these foods taste.  Immediately after adding more raw living foods to my diet I had increased energy and clearer thinking.

Looking back, it seemed a natural progression to raw. I would eat more raw and less cooked because I was feeling so good. Then adding more superfoods really kicked it up for me.  My body was functioning better so I became more selective about what cooked foods I would eat, not wanting this beautiful feeling to pass.

As I read more on raw living foods and heard of other people’s health experiences I found it not only credible but also inspirational.  Given the right tools the body can correct itself.  I feel raw living foods and superfoods are a very important tool for healing.  I’ve found for the most part we don’t give much consideration to the quality of foods we predominantly ingest unless we are faced with a situation that calls for healthier changes to our lifestyle and diet.

Being involved in the health industry brought me to a place of personal exploration. I knew how easy it could be to make unhealthy choices in our fast food culture and had experience some of the dis-ease associated those choices.  Now I wanted to experience the other side of the coin.  What would it be like to make healthier choices and where would it lead? …  Raw living foods and as I mentioned earlier, to feeling GREAT!  I have more energy. I sleep better. I’ve lost weight. My skin and hair have changed for the better. My thinking is clearer and I generally feel happier. I also don’t stay ill for as long and my fitness and physical recovery time has also improved.  I’m hooked!

I also enjoy the creativity of crafting a meal of entirely raw ingredients. I’m in awe of the quality of food as well as how satisfying raw living foods are.  It is exciting to see this beautiful food in front of you and know that all the enzymes and nutrients are still intact.  Your body is free to absorb and utilize all those vital nutrients and enzymes.

Enzymes are catalysts for all our life functions from breathing and thinking to digesting our foods and immune response. Quite a spectrum of vital actions! The more cooked food we consume the more we deplete the body’s own enzymes but if we eat more raw living foods we ingest enzymes and have more available for our body’s metabolic processes.

Your raw living and super food exploration may be as simple or complex as you like…

  • Starting your day with a cut up apple sprinkled with cinnamon, to sprouting grains and nuts for a dehydrated living granola topped with goji berries and cacao nibs.
  • Lunch could be a green smoothie or a raw nori wrap with a sprouted seed pate.
  • For dinner try fresh zucchini noodles topped with a raw marinara sauce, or maybe a salad with seed crackers and herbed almond cheese.
  • Desserts!!! For dessert, maybe soft vanilla cashew cream over your favorite berries on a crust of crushed walnuts and dates, or maybe an avocado chocolate mousse!  Psst.. Raw living desserts are easily digested so they don’t hang around on the body like their cooked versions.

There are plenty of raw food preparation books, magazine articles and the Internet for exploring the benefits of raw living foods. There are countless recipes too!  Summer time is a wonderful time to dabble with raw living foods.  Nature herself is offering up a nutritional bounty and waits to serve your creative spirit!

Happy health & vitality! Enjoy!

By ~ Jessi Vanderveen

July 28, 2011