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Did you know…
Grassfed is an unregulated term in Canada. A farmer can claim a product to be grass fed even when the animal spends a very short time feeding from their natural environment. Most often, cattle are raised using grains (corn and/or barley) as their primary food source. Cattle are almost always grain finished, meaning they are fattened up on grain a few months before slaughter. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have to be disclosed on the label. Alternatively, cows can also eat a grain dominant diet and then be grass finished. While that is still better than no grass at all, if you can find a purely grass fed product, it is worth its weight in gold!
Meat from an animal that is grass fed and grass finished is significantly higher in the fat soluble vitamins A, E, and K2. It is also a rich source of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, a healthy type of fat that has been shown to reduce your risk of many types of cancer. Cow’s raised on grass also have a much higher ratio of Omega3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. The high Omega 6 content of grain fed meat can contribute to excess inflammation in the body. It is also worth noting that people with allergies to corn and gluten may react to eating the meat from animals that consume these grains.
The benefits of a grass fed product are definitely worth the effort to find. And luckily we have an amazing local source of beef right here in the store! DeeKayTee Farms is a small family run business located in the Comox Valley. They grass feed the cattle during the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter the cows are fed silage, a fermented green forage, which keeps these cows grass fed all year round. From the pasture to your plate, this beef is high quality, local, ethically raised, and delicious!

March 21, 2015